Why You Have To Talk Really Slow To On-Line Baby Boomers

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Do you know that the fastest growing demographic on Facebook in the US is women over 50?  Baby Boomers on-line have a unique set of challenges getting the lay of the land.  Many come on hoping to find a pot of gold in a personal service business.

Do you further know that women over 50 are the most clueless group out there when it comes to navigating online?  

I am smack in the middle of that very demographic and I have countless examples of how my peers struggle to do what some of you think is as routine as taking a shower.

Want to try out this theory?  Simply stop women in the grocery store next time you are out and about and ask them, do you go on your computer every day?  You will be stunned at how many say no.  (Plus, isn’t it staggering to see how much of your potential client market is untapped?)

Now, if you are like me, you LIVE on your computer.  Writing, reading posts, commenting on posts, researching articles, meeting in on line class rooms to learn new skills, chatting in on-line chat rooms with experts and gurus and of course, checking email and your on-line calendar to keep track of yourself.

That is not true of your potential circle of influence.  You have to find a way to make your clients and customers feel comfortable on line if they are going to do business with you.

I became enchanted with the on line community a couple of years ago while I was recovering from cancer.  Virtually home-bound for well over a year, if it wasn’t for the on-line community I don’t know how I would have made it.

I worked with coaches and mentors I met through on line resources.  I started my first blog because I was not able to call or write to multitudes of people.  I always felt SO loved each time I posted about my experiences.  Just knowing that the 100 or so supporters who read my posts would then think warm and healing thoughts toward me.

Believe me, I KNOW the value of creating a vibrant relationship with real live people at the other end of the wired and wireless network.  The trouble is that most women in their 50′s do not have the savvy to leverage their on-line time profitably.  You have to find a way to connect to that huge pool of searching females.

That is where you come in.  The fact that you are reading this very article is significant.  You are looking for a solution….like most of us do at the beginning of our internet explorations…and you found Blog Angel.

Blogs are the best way possible to connect with the people interested in what you are providing or selling.  Let me repeat that… Blogs are the BEST way to go.

Why?  Here You Go:

1.  You can blog for free.  Especially for beginners.  My first blog was on WordPress.com  I am a big WordPress fan and while I use their paid service now, the free service was more than enough for me at first.

2.  You have COMPLETE CONTROL when it comes to making your work, ideas and products known.  Unlike a typical website where you need to always go through a web designer, you can publish anything you want instantly.

3.  There are ready made blog designs that you can easily easily download and use.  I love the theme I am using here.  It is the third one I tried.  WordPress has created a “fitting room” approach.

You get to pick new themes and actually try them on….see what your blog looks like with a different background.  Here is another version of my blog. In SECONDS and with the press of one, no make that two buttons, I can create magic.


4.  You can see exactly what your readers are looking for by checking on your daily statistics.  I was amazed at how well this works.  Once I noticed that someone typed, “Why Can’t I Meet My Soul Mate?” in the google window.  I wrote an article called “Why Can’t I Find My Soul Mate?”  Now my article is number 1 on google for those search terms.  Cool, huh?

5.  You can take action steps, get known on line and not have to WRITE all your posts.  I realize that not everybody is like me.  I LOVE to write and can’t get enough of it.  I publish on several blogs as well as teach others how to do it.  BUT….there are clever ways to get around the writing bug.  To read all about them, watch for part two of Why You Have To Talk Really Slow To Baby Boomers On Line.

Wonder how your internet savvy measures up? Take this free quiz and find out for yourself:  What’s My MQ?


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jody says:

sounds like fantastic information, I’ll have to try it. surprised to read about women’s inability to nav the web

admin says:

Thanks for stopping by Judy. I think it is more age than gender specific. My husband is in his 60′s and he is very tech savvy. Most of his peers are not. It is hard to get clear instructions on how to do simple things. I love WordPress. I can pretty much figure out everything I need to do on my own. Or so I think! I have clients who get a head ache looking at the dashboard.

Once you have a routine down and plan on the easy three step plan: 1. Write a Newsletter to your list. 2. Post it on your blog first. 3. Send out your newsletter but instead of sending the whole article, send a teaser paragraph inviting them to “click right here to read the rest.” You train your fans to click. Keep your sites set on engaging your circle of influence. You want them to communicate with you so you can teach them what they want to know.

Don’t assume you have no fans, assume they don’t understand the value of engaging with you yet. Once you teach them how easy it is to connect to you through the blog, believe me, they will tell you exactly what is on your mind.

Thanks for stopping by!

Your Blog Angel

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