No Time To Send A Weekly Newsletter?

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Darlin’ you don’t have time NOT to send a weekly newsletter.

If you want to attract an online audience for your goods and services, you have to give them the opportunity to get to know you and a newsletter is a simple way to get her done.

The biggest mistake I see internet newbies make is sending only sales newsletters to their list of contacts.  It is considered bad manners to do so and here is why.

Any message you put on the internet is considered a social gesture.  Why do you think it is called SOCIAL Media and not CONSUMER Media.  Just like loud TV commercials, unsolicited sales offers are extremely annoying, even when they come in the weekly newsletter.

And yet, you have to sell your products and services to stay in business, right?   That is the magic of a newsletter.  Now don’t get your undies in a bundle.  Newsletters come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are very fancy and look like online magazines, others are simple and straightforward.  You can start off very simply and create a loyal readership…here’s how.  Just follow these easy steps:

1.  On Sunday evening, choose one of your customers.  Not just any customer, pick one that you resonate with, someone who is loyal and vulnerable.  Choose a person you really enjoy helping and someone who touches your heart with their problem or situation.  It is absolutely critical that this is a real flesh and blood person you have worked with or you know connects with your work.

2.  Focus on this customer or client and jot down some of the issues that are challenging her this week.  Because you know her well, you can tune into her easily.  Why does she do so well with you?  Does she trust you?  What is her problem?  How is she coping?

3.  Holding her in your mind, go to your computer, open your email account and write her a note of encouragement.  Acknowledge her situation, speak to her needs and give her 3 to 5 mini tips to help her cope.  You will be amazed how easily your mind will provide the tips for you to share with this special client.

4.  Do not send this email!

5.  Go back and take out her name, so that the email says “Dear____________” instead of “Dear Mary”.  Continue to revise the email as if you were sending it out to 10 Marys.  Let  you heartfelt encouragement reach a bigger audience. Take out personal references and generalize your advice.

6.  This letter is the heart of your message right?  There you go, that wasn’t so hard was it? Now take this letter and cut and paste it into your blog so you have a hot and relevant blog post.

7.  On Tuesday morning, you will send your newsletter (it is more likely to be read on a Tuesday, Monday email boxes are usually filled with nonsense from the weekend).  All you do is copy the first paragraph or two of your blog post into the email builder on your list server (Aweber, Get Response, Mail Chimp).  You will say, “To read more, click here:” and create a link so that your readers will be directed to your blog to read the rest of your post.

8.  You can add an encouraging word for their week and then sign off, Love……

9.  Add a PS that says… .“If you like this article, I always appreciate Shares on Facebook and Retweets.  Mwah!”  Then hit the send button.

10.  Start with step 1 and repeat.  After three cycles, you will have three “characters”, generic clients you have created to inspire and teach through your writing.  Then you simply repeat the whole cycle.  The personal nature of your emails will dramatically impact your prospects.  They will feel heard and valued.  Then you have a chance to sell them something….emphasis on “chance.”

Clients are still turned off by sales attempts.  You need to educate them about the value of your service and inspire them to buy.  I know that.  But you will find that 75% content rich emails and 25% sales letters will yield a far better result in creating long term faithful customers who tell their friends about how FAB you are.

Now, go back and re-read this email.  I followed the exact steps I am telling you.  The client I have in mind is a successful brick and mortar (non online business owner) who is over 70 and intimidated by the internet.  I simply brought her into my mind and then created the tips and steps for her.  I then went back through, changed the names to protect the innocent and sent it to all of you.

Some will resonate more than others.  If it didn’t hit you between the eyes, it probably was still helpful, right?  You might recognize yourself next week!  LOL

Oh….why do I use my Gmail to write my blog posts and newsletters?  A little trick of mine.  It feels more personal and for some reason feels easier to write a letter than to compose a BLOG POST.  Writing to my clients, who I really do love, flows better in an email format than it does when I am staring at a blank Word doc.  This is the second such “email/blogpost” I have written this Saturday afternoon.  It doesn’t take long….the work is all in picking your target client/customer and “feeling in” to their needs.

You can do this.  You MUST do this.  Your people are starving for your info/product.  Befriend them and they will buy from you….when they are ready.  Many of my clients tell me they have been reading my posts for months before they contact me for a complimentary consultation.

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