Traffic Stats Only A Mother Could Love

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Traffic! Traffic! Traffic!

People are hollering at you from every corner of the internet selling one product or the other guaranteeing fabulous email list traffic.  Isn’t it hard to pick from the options?

Before you buy anything for your traffic needs though,  consider this:  What is the purpose of your blog site? What are you looking for?  Notoriety?  Penpals?  A Personal Bulletin Board?  Money?  Oh yeah, that!

If you are looking to monetize your blog (don’t you love that word…monetize?) you can’t do it without traffic.  Let me give you an example from a real person I talked to yesterday.  All names changed to protect the innocent and overly optimistic:

Me:  Tell me about your goals.

Sherry:  That’s easy!  Monetize…Monetize….Monetize!!  It is my  number one goal.

Me:  Super! How much traffic do you get on your blog?

Sherry:  2500 unique visits a month.

Me:  How much of that traffic has converted itself to you email list?

Sherry: 700 Opt ins

Me:  Do you know what percent of your list are likely to purchase from an email invitation to do so?

Sherry:  No.  But I have a super open rate on my emails! (Enthusiastically) 45%

Me:  Great!  Studies show that only 2% buy.  What is 2% of 45?

Sherry:  Ouch….that isn’t even a whole person!

Me:  Can you see a step that has to happen before you can monetize?

Sherry:  Uh, yeah….how do I get more traffic and get them to sign up for my list?

That is the right question.  To make money on line, you have to grow your email list.  It is just a numbers game.  Let me tell you about one of my membership sites.  It has 30 members from a list of 1500.  That is about right…2%

Now those members only pay $10 per month.  A great deal for them and a small but steady flow to me.  It is all about the numbers.  As I grow my own email list, http://TakeTheSoulMateQuiz.com, that $300 a month is a nice steady stream of income and allows me the exquisite, dare I say orgasmic experience of waking up in the morning and finding someone sent money to me overnight, nearly every day! Yum!

One final little question about traffic for you.  I wonder if you will get the answer right.  True or False.  You can only make big money with a list of thousands?

The answer is False.  Lots of magic can happen.  Let me show you some traffic stats only a mother could love:

This blog is a still a toddler.  Started in April, it has not gotten much traffic yet and the list of email addresses so far is laughably under 100, in fact, it is not even 50.  The biz owner has already hit five figures though and she is a happy camper.


Her secret to success is an extremely specific skill set needed by a group of people motivated to buy.


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